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Understanding the Cosmic Mirror - Audio Journey

InLight Connect, downloads

Maybe we've heard it before, "Life is a Mirror, a Reflection of the Self." In this 6 part audio series (1HR), Tiger shares profound insight and wisdom that simplifies this mirror and exposes the opportunity to connect with your power as the... creator of all that is.


  • 01 Introduction
  • 02 Projector and Canvas
  • 03 Self, Mirror, and Pain
  • 04 Behind the Stories
  • 05 Reflections of Forgiveness
  • 06 Resurrection of Love
"Wow. Mind = blown (in a good way!). Love listening to your philosophical insights. ♥️♥️♥️"
Tanya, USA
"Beautiful exploration!"
Paige, USA

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6 Audio Files with an optional EBook Transcript


Understanding the Cosmic Mirror - Audio Journey

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